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The variable application can also be used in the field of plant protection products. In this case, it is used for example for morpho-regulation (variable or selective application) or application of different kinds of fungicides within one hunt (selective application). The difficulty of these applications is higher, but all the more interesting is their benefit, both in saving their own products and in the revenue response. For example, a significant increase in yield can be achieved by lowering the dose of the morpho-regulator in the worst zones.

For example, one of our customers took advantage of the variable application of the morpho-regulator. Based on the amount of variable nitrogen applied, he had an application map of the morpho-regulator processed so that the full dose was only in areas that were fertilized more, the remainder of the hunt was significantly lower (light blue areas in the left picture are those where more nitrogen, the blue areas in the right image are where the morpho-regulator was applied at a higher dose). The result was a balanced stand and savings on plant protection products. The biggest benefit, however, was a significant increase in yield in the weaker areas of the hunt, where the morpho-regulator did not further increase the plant depression.

Dusik a morforegulace